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We value our patients' experience at Better Life Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Darryl Thomson
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Better Life Chiropractic Testimonials Midland ON

Better Life Chiropractic makes a difference in patient's health

  • "Stress, Accident and Fall
    I first came to Better Life Chiropractic when I was sewing. I carried a lot of stress and over time my body was unable to relax.
    I really began to see the benefits of my chiropractic treatments after a minor accident and a fall. My body healed quickly through the treatments I received from Dr. Darryl.
    I highly recommend Better Life as the caring is ongoing from the adjustment table to my phone calls when I’m not at the clinic."
    Sandra F.- Midland ON
  • "I’ve seen the results by committing to my treatment plan.
    My spine was in such bad shape that, when I started chiropractic treatment, I required up to 7 treatments a week. When my first chiropractor closed his clinic, I was fortunate to become a patient of Dr. Thomson. To this day, I am committed to my exercises and treatment plan. X-rays document my continuous improvement in Dr. T’s care.
    A year and a half ago, for the first time in a long time, I was able to walk without my cane, except when I need it for stability in bad weather and when my arthritis acts up.
    The Lord has blessed Dr. T’s hands to help many more people like me and my friends. I recommend Dr. T and I’m full of praise for his caring and blessed hands. May the Lord continue to bless Dr. T and his staff. All of them are blessings?"
    Alice A.- Midland ON
  • "“I felt like I would live”
    Twenty -two years ago, I came to Better Life Chiropractic for help. I had tried pills and another chiropractor, but I got no relief. I was unable to bend and couldn’t put on my socks and shoes. The pain was intense when I went to bed. Dr. D listened to my story and said he would do his best to help me.
    I had never experienced this type of physical examination. Every part of my body was stretched to see how much range of motion I had. X-rays were also taken. I had a pinched nerve in my back. I had daily treatment for 8 weeks and was asked to work part time only. I followed instructions faithfully and, sure enough, within a month, I felt like I would live!
    Also, I’ve noticed that I don’t get many colds. I believe chiropractic adjustments are like regular oil changes for your car, necessary to keep you running smoothly!"
    Bonnie R.- Tiny ON
  • "So young for all this pain!
    I stated coming to Better Life Chiropractic at the age of 15. I often had headaches and I also had back, leg and knee pain. Getting chiropractic adjustments has helped reduce the number of headaches I have, and I have much less back, leg and knee pain.
    I come much less often now. The x-rays of my spine show much improvement since I first started care and I know regular adjustments will help me in the future."
    Victoria B. - Port McNichol ON
  • "I Can Dance Again!
    I received the “Gift of Health” from a friend. When I first came for chiropractic care, I could hardly walk without help. I was walking with a walker and very slowly. After a few months, I started walking with 2 canes instead of the walker. Shortly after, I started using only 1 cane.
    I rang the miracle bell! It is such a great feeling to improve from one stage to the next.
    I could not dance because I had severe pain but after seeing Dr. T and I can’t believe it, but I can dance again. I started to go for walks, at first for only 5 minutes. But now I go for longer walks, walk uphill and I don’t have to stop every 3-5 minutes. That’s another accomplishment!
    I got to ring the miracle bell 3 times for every accomplishment!"
    Barb L.- Penetanguishene ON
  • "Chiropractic for much more than my back and neck.
    I have been coming for chiropractic adjustments for 20 years. I first came to Better Life for lower back injuries and learned from the x-rays that my 2 top vertebrae in my neck were out of place and I was losing the natural curve in my neck.
    My back is so much better. I can’t remember the last time I had lower back pain. With exercises and adjustments prescribed for my neck, regular check-ups indicate that my vertebrae are back in place and my neck is returning to its natural curvature."
    William T.- Midland ON
  • "Relief after so many years of pain and suffering!
    I had a long career in the Canadian Forces, where I developed long term spinal problems. Since my medical retirement, many years elapsed with no help from any source for my back problems. I came to Better Life, as a suggestion from my brother, who was getting spinal treatment. When I had my chiropractic assessment, I learned that my entire spinal column was out of whack.
    Dr. D and his staff have been very helpful in easing the pain and suffering, which I endured for a long time. I am under continued care with Dr. Darryl and with each visit I get relief until my next appointment.
    Everyone is extremely friendly and co-operative with every aspect of my treatment and recovery. I highly recommend Better Life Chiropractic for their care and services."
    Walter Z.- Victoria Harbour ON
  • "Dr. Darryl keeps my spine in great shape allowing me to lead the active life I choose to, from baseball to golf to sea doing in the summer to hockey and snow shoeing and ski doing in the winter. I had stopped doing some of these activities because of back pain but since attending Better Life Chiropractic I am back to enjoying all the activities I love.

    Nancy Keith- Midland ON
  • "Dr. T. is one of the most dedicated doctors I've met. He is passionate about making people healthy. His technique is different than some chiros, but it works on a more permanent level. I highly recommend him (and his fabulous team) to anyone suffering with chronic pain. If you want to do what it takes to get better. . . Dr. Thomson's your guy!

    Darlene Hinton- Wyebridge ON
  • "I’m 64 years young and feel a lot better with regular chiropractic care from Better Life Chiropractic than I have for years.

    Gord McBride- Penetanguishene ON
  • "I came to Better Life Chiropractic about a year ago, suffering from ongoing muscle and joint pain. After having been treated at another chiropractor’s office for over a year, I really hoped this one would be different. Better Life Chiropractic approached my problem very professionally: X-ray, sit and talk about the problem and they really listened. After 6 months I was totally pain free. Dr. Darryl's adjustments are REAL adjustments and you feel like a totally different person each and every time you walk out of there. To top it all off: he's got an amazing team of staff: professional and courteous at all times. I definitely recommend Better Life Chiropractic to anyone! It'll change your Life!

    Karine Durieux- Midland ON
  • "I walked into Better Life Chiropractic with bad back pain. I tried everything, physio therapy, cortisone injections, you name it.

    Better Life was my last hope. Not only did my back pain disappear but my migraine headaches disappeared as well.

    Better Life gave me hope. They are not only my chiropractor, but they are my family

    Trena R. Penetanguishene ON"
    Back Pain & Migraines
  • "I came to Better Life Chiropractic with severe back pain. After 3 months the pain is gone! I can walk without a cane. All of my original symptoms are gone! I didn’t want to be in a wheel chair. I am very grateful to be able to walk pain-free again."
    Patrick S. Midland ON
  • "I had extremely sore feet, poor balance and could not sleep through the night due to pain. I started neuropathy treatment 10 weeks ago and the changes have been marvellous. The pain in my feet is almost gone, I'm walking a mile every day without pain and I am sleeping well. If you have neuropathy, this treatment could change your life. It works!"
    John M. Breckin, ON
  • "As you may remember when I came to you in April, I was unable to drive 15 km to the 400 without severe leg pain and I would be crippled by the time I drove 100 km. Well on December 21st, we left for Sarasota Florida, a distance of 2600 km. One day we drove 800 km, with no pain. Day 2 we drove 800 km, with no pain. Day 3 was 600 km and day 4 400 km, with no pain. I golfed 18 holes on day 6 with no issues. So far we have gone almost 7000 km and all is great. I think you should ring the miracle bell real hard for all you have done for me. We will be back in April and I will see you then. Thank you for your expertise in making this trip possible."
    Ron Lee, Wyebridge ON.
  • "I came here a year ago with pain in my neck that I'd had for years! I am now pain free and so grateful for everything now have a happy pain free life."
    Ricci L.- Midland ON
  • "My family has been involved with chiropractic for 17 years. We are an active family and we are always on the go, with many adventures. We will always have your family in our lives. Thank you for the memories and our physical health."
    Demera Family- Honey Harbour ON
  • "In 2015 I was told I had cancer. I came to talk to Dr. Darryl and we set up a plan to help me get through my chemo treatment. I got through everything with very little side effects. I owe that to Dr. Darryl and the Better Life Chiropractic team for all the wonderful care and support I was given...Thank You."
    Betty G.- Midland ON
  • "Thanks for making me come back here. Thanks Dr. Darryl for making me better."
    Gloria G. - Midland, ON
  • "A year ago I came to this health centre hoping to have my leg that ached and toes that tingled improve. I am happy to say that was done along with a beautiful transformation of peace in my life. I have suffered from this debilitating disease of depression for over 10 years until 6 months ago when I woke up one day feeling great and it's been "HEAVEN" ever since. My deepest appreciation to our angel, Dr. T. You found me help when no one else could."
    Joanne L. - Tiny ON
  • "Hope lives here. When I first came here in 2009, I was in a wheelchair and there was NO hope. Now I walk in disbelief. It's a miracle."
    Irene R.- Tiny ON
  • "When I first came here 8 months ago, I was in so much pain I was ready to call it quits. I was so miserable to my kids that no one wanted to be with me. Now I no longer need my walker and my kids love me again."
    MareBear - Penetanguishene ON.
  • "My daughter suffered since birth with acute asthma. Her life was limited and her days were filled with puffers and steroids. After 1 year of chiropractic, her asthma went away. Life isn't living if you can't breathe!! Thank you God, Dr. T and chiropractic for giving Haley her life back."
    Barbie E.- Midland ON
  • "Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment- Since starting the neuropathy treatment, I've been able to stop taking pills for my feet within 2 weeks. After a month, I've got 75-80% feeling back in my feet and for the first time in 25 years or more, I am able to walk around the house in my bare feet."
    Charlie- Midland ON.
  • "Neck Pain

    My neck, one day, overnight, became very stiff and hard to turn left or right. It was terribly uncomfortable.

    After several treatments, my neck loosened up a fair bit and went form feeling like I needed a brace to being much more flexible and now I am able to turn my head back to look behind me much easier."
    Earl W- Midland ON
  • "My neck and shoulders were always sore especially in the winter because of snowmobiling. I also had sciatica and back pain. I no longer have any pain. I have no restrictions and have good mobility to stay active."
    Brian J. – Midland ON
  • "Sciatica

    I was experiencing painful sciatica. I am now 80% better and I can do many things without suffering, including walking and other forms of exercise. I feel physically and mentally stronger! Doctor Thomson has made my care affordable and I look forward to coming to the clinic. Everyone is friendly, they feel like my friends. I love the massage chairs. Best thing ever except for Dr. T!"
    Bonnie F.- Midland ON
  • "Fibromyalgia

    Hi, my name is Mary, I was on the Internet when coming upon this ad posted by this clinic and it was about how to get better while having fibromyalgia and many other problems that was constricting my every day normal life. Being in chronic pain from over use and trouble walking, bending. I was becoming depressed. Unable to sleep. Becoming quick tempered

    Once I heard the reason for Dr. Darryl on how the spine works and what he could do for all of us not just me. I started to listen closely but not completely convinced. I did want to give him a try because at this point I was now looking for someone to help me do more in a day than what I was doing right now. I have been in a positive attitude, doing better every day not completely pain free but being able to allow myself to do more in one day.
    I have been able to get on my peddle bike. I haven't done this in years. I was so proud of myself."
    Mary M.- Tiny ON
  • "Also, the positivity in this clinic is so helpful and when you walk in, not only do they call you by name, you’re in and out quickly. They do x-rays to show and explain what is actually going on and your meeting new people with other ailments that make you think you have nothing to complain about. Appointments are always made to make life so much easier on us. I am so glad I found this clinic and I have a way to go but I will continue to think of my body and my health first but the first place to do this is to continue seeing Dr. Darryl.

    I would like to thank the entire staff at the better life chiropractic clinic for the year I've had and looking forward to yet another year of improvements."
    Mary M.- Tiny ON
  • "Dr. Darryl and his team have changed my life since starting my treatments. When I attended my first appointment I was in agony couldn’t touch my knees and my body hurt all over. That was in the fall of 2016 and now I feel so much better. My knees don’t hurt anymore, and my aches and pains have been reduced to once in a while! My quality of life is much better and knee surgery is out of the picture for now! I can’t thank the Better Life ream enough! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Let them help you, you will be glad you did!!
  • "After having a fall, I was left with a debilitating back injury. My partner encouraged me to meet Dr. T, and although I was hesitant, I began chiropractic treatments. After just one month, I began noticing a difference in my ability to do every day activities. 18 months later, I continue with my weekly treatments and I am able to continue with my life with almost no restrictions. I highly recommend and believe in Dr. T. The staff are amazing, always greeting you with a bright smile! Thank you, Better Life Chiropractic!"
    Hayley McLeod- Penetanguishene ON


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  • "Hope lives here. When I first came here in 2009, I was in a wheelchair and there was NO hope. Now I walk in disbelief. It's a miracle"
    Irene R. Tiny ON

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